Who is Ryan Bowles?
Ryan Bowles is the founder of the Create Or Die movement, an online creative tribe from over 50 countries worldwide, leading and coaching them through the murky waters of freelancing. Over the past 10 years, Ryan has built a loyal following of over 50,000 creatives, launched brands, successful crowdfund campaigns and influenced over half a million people with a microphone in hand as the frontman of the metal band Prepared Like A Bride.
Early Life
Ryan spent the first 10 years of his life watching his 2 greatest mentors lead and coach thousands of people in business - his parents. He’d often find himself sitting up the back of seminars after school with his brother, while his parents led meetings. It wasn’t long before the influence from his parents rubbed off and in 2005 Ryan found himself in front of his school, mic in hand pitching as to why they should choose him as their school captain.

In his final year of high school Ryan led his school as captain but unfortunately his grades didn’t quite follow the same path, failing art in his final year… After such a creative failure he and friends birthed the 5 piece metal-hardcore band, Prepared Like A Bride. Ryan led the band from the front, microphone in hand. Just like any band though, forever broke but needing merchandise and artwork to grow their reach, Ryan agreed to give design a shot so they wouldn’t have to spend any money outsourcing design. 
Over the next 6 years Ryan not only self taught design, creating the bands merchandise, brand assets, cd art, tour posters and marketing materials but also managed the band, learning valuable lessons about business, marketing, sales, hard work, leadership and determination. He and the band took themselves all the way to the top, signing to Sony Music, touring the world and landing at #9 on the ARIA charts with their heartfelt debut record Overcomer.

It was those valuable lessons and skills about design, branding, marketing and business within the band that propelled Ryan into a freelance career of his own. Growing his own freelance business and servicing clients from all over the world while on the road with the band. 

As Ryan’s business and clientele grew globally, so did his influence in the creative community, on and offline. Amassing a community of over 50,000 creatives through his social outlets he begun getting flooded with requests for business and marketing advice from creatives worldwide. 
Giving Back
Ryan's upbringing taught him valuable lessons in giving back and as he grew older he found a passion and heart for communities in need. In 2016 Ryan co-led a team over to an orphanage with over 200+ children in the south of India called Berachah Children's Home. The team raised over $10,000 to supply fresh, clean drinking water for Berachah so they would no longer have to walk miles for clean water. It's on Ryan's heart to return again and he remains a frequent supporter of Berachah. 
Over the decade in which Ryan grew his freelance business he gained an influential voice within the global creative community. Delivering workshops and speaking at conferences nationally and internationally for Goodtype, Creative Mornings, The Design Kids, The Design Conference and Wacom.

As influence grew, he noticed that creatives everywhere were struggling with the same questions... 'How do I gain clients?', 'How do I increase my rates?', 'How do I build my brand?' etc... So he decided to do something about it on a global scale.

Hence, the Create Or Die Tribe was born, a global community of Bad-Ass Creatives from over 50+ countries  alongside the Create Or Die Course for Freelancers.

Ryan has since been coaching and guiding his students through the murky waters of freelancing to help them implement strategies to grow their businesses.
Work With Ryan
Information on 1:1 Coaching & Speaking Engagements

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