Warning: The Create Or Die Course enrolments are closing soon...
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Reminder... Create Or Die course enrolments are closing soon...
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"The very next day, I got my first $300 client! I was amazed."
10 Weeks later Josh sends me this msg...
- Josh, Web Developer & Problem Solver
"By implementing the strategies... I finalised the job for $2500!
If you are on the fence... I strongly advise you to invest in it!"
"It's been absolutely fundamental in how I run my business. If you're thinking of going freelance I highly recommend checking out this course."
- Kurt, Motion Graphics Artist
Anusha - $1500 Dream Client
Jacob - $2000 in 1 Week
Adam - From $200 to $2000
Will - $500 Repeat Project
Sammy - Doubled Rates & Clients
Aron - Photographer
$800 in First Week
Evan - Graphic Design
$2000 Client
Aron - Went From £150 p/Logo to £2000 p/Logo!
"Since I made that decision to take action things have gone absolutely mad, I’ve been able to secure two projects for $2,000 and $5,000."
- Alex, Graphic Designer
Alex - $5000 Project
"I've been freelancing for a while with such insecurity... and the approach I’ve learned from this course has been so confidence building."
- Christian, Visual Artist
Christian - $2700 Retainer
Rene - $4100 - Her Largest Contract to Date
"I used the tips and tricks Ryan taught me enabling me to land my largest contract to date of $4100!"
- Rene, Graphic Designer
"Got my first $1000 client from Sniper Scripts yesterday. I've been loving the course so far."
- Meredith, Design Director
Meredith - First $1000 from DM Sniper Scripts
"I just secured an $800 job which is crazy..."
- Aron, Photographer
Aron - First $800 Client